Customer Fund Protection
Customer Fund Protection

AUGS Markets Pty Ltd ("AUGS") is registered in Sydney, Australia, with an Australian registration number of 50143294660. The company is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Australian Financial Services License 374686.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC):

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission was established in 2001 under the Australian Securities Investment Commission Act (ASIC Act). ASIC is an independent government department and exercises regulatory functions on companies, financial services and markets independently, in accordance with the law. With the enactment of the Securities and Investment Commission Act of Australia in 2001, ASIC has since incorporated, the retail FOREX trading market together with banking, securities, insurance and other financial industries are put into the scope of daily supervision. ASIC has become an important part of Australia's national financial system:

• Assist and protect retailers and customers in financial markets.

• Establish confidence in the integrity of Australian financial markets.

• Promote international financial capital flows and international execution.

• Manage of domestic and global financial turmoil.

• Improve the operational efficiency and service levels of all ASIC stakeholders.

• Improve services and reduce costs through new technologies and procedures.

Customer Funds Segregation

The funds of all AUGS clients are completely segregated from the company's own funds and are kept separately in the world's top banks. At the same time, AUGS also establishes trust guarantee with banks to ensure that customer funds are segregated from bank assets and not used as investment operations by banks.

Safe and Convenient Withdrawal

AUGS understands the importance of safe and convenient withdrawals for customers. At the same time, in order to minimize the opportunity of money laundering through foreign exchange transaction, we do not accept the deposit and withdrawal submission from third parties, the source of funds must always be consistent with the name of the account owner.

Convenient withdrawal process: the withdrawal process is completed by submitting a withdrawal slip, and the streamlined operation improves the efficiency of deposits and withdrawals.

Risk Control Security: To ensure that your funds can be returned safely and accurately, we perform strict financial audits on each withdrawal.

One-to-one service specialist: AUGS's customer service specialists will help you complete the deposit and withdrawal process as soon as possible through email or phone.

Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: You can deposit funds into your trading account by credit or debit card, USD wire transfer, RMB, etc.

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