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Dedicated Partnership

AUGS provides a full range of customized solutions. Establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and business partners is the key foundation for our development. We are committed to tailor-made solutions for you, and at the same time you can benefit from more advantageous transaction costs and services.

AUGS provides extremely complete platform promotion support to help you become an excellent partner. AUGS has a very competitive remuneration plan to meet the profit targets of its partners. Please contact us for cooperation matters!

Our Asian Service Center provides better services to customers in the Asia-Pacific region, and closer support to partners.

Introducing Broker

At AUGS, our goal is the same, because you are our customer. We will help you provide services to your customers without worrying about us acquiring your customers.

Customer-centricity is the focus of all our work. From the beginning of our cooperation, we started the customer understanding program. We are committed to understanding customers comprehensively, focusing on their current needs and long-term business goals. Thus, AUGS can provide you with the best solution instead of just selling products to you.

The coexistence of relationships means that our success is your success. You are part of our extension, we merge with each other.

Benefiting from the background management system of AUGS, introducing brokers can independently manage and monitor their client accounts, fully covering the all-round process from account opening, transaction execution and report generation. This helps brokers maintain their full control of customer relationships and customize their product lines according to their customers' needs.

Increase and customize your own customer-oriented product range extremely quickly

Conduct transactions on behalf of customers and maintain customer relationships

Advanced back-end management and reporting system in real time

Provide a completely transparent business relationship between you and the supplier

White label

For those partners who want to quickly build a cutting-edge multi-asset trading platform for their customer base, AUGS can quickly rename all aspects of its product suite to match the partner's brand and image. From account opening forms, trading platforms, and even client reports and communication emails, partners and customers can benefit from our cutting-edge technology from the first day of cooperation with us.

Completely customize the brand image of our advanced platform

Client introduction information based on full or comprehensive disclosure

Multi-asset platform can seamlessly integrate with partners’ existing platforms